Younger people aren’t the only ones that are getting bored and stir-crazy; it’s happening to older adults too. Senior centers and other programs geared toward older adults have closed. While it’s good that seniors are following social distancing rules, the changes in routines and lacking activities can cause problems. Here’s how you can keep loved ones active during Covid-19.

8 Ways to Keep Loved Ones Active During Covid-19

8 Ways to Keep Loved Ones Active During Covid-19


1. Read and Share

Start a book club with your loved one. Pick a new book or an old favorite. If your loved one is no longer able to read, you can read to them or use audiobooks. See if anyone else in your family or friends want to join.

2. Write Cards or Letters

Surprise family and friends with something fun in the mail. Or, if you want to do something to feel helpful during this tough time, write to soldiers through a variety of programs that involve becoming pen pals to those who are serving.

It’s a fun way to pass the time and spread cheer.

3. Document Life Stories

Learn more about your loved ones, and spend time learning about their history. You can write it down or record it so that you have in their own words. You may learn something new.

4. Play Games

Use board games, card games, or puzzles to pass the time. You can pick what works for your loved one’s skill level. They stimulate the brain, use motor skills, and provide enjoyment.

5. Watch Movies and TV Shows

Catch up on all the stuff you’ve been meaning to watch with your loved ones, or rewatch a series that you both love.

6. Take Advantage of Online

Many places like museums are offering virtual tours, musicians are doing concerts at home, and you can even access NASA’s online video and image library. There are also plenty of livestreams of different animals that you can tune into anytime.

7. Go Outside

Just because you can’t go to public places doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside. Walk around your neighborhood, or set up some chairs and chat in the sun. You’ll be amazed at what a little sun and fresh air will do for you.

8. Start a Project

Whether it’s cleaning or a craft project, this is a great time to start one. Try cleaning out a room, scrapbooking, sewing, painting, or create a cookbook filled with family recipes.

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