Researchers reported that blood pressure drugs don’t make patients more vulnerable to the Coronavirus or to getting a worse version of it if infected. This is a sigh of relief for those taking these types of medications.

Blood Pressure Drugs Don't Increase Covid-19 Risk

Blood Pressure Drugs Don’t Increase Covid-19 Risk


Since the pandemic began, confusing theories were spreading about these drugs and their effect on the virus. China indicated that people with hypertension seemed to do worst than those without it when Covid-19 was just gaining traction.

There have been animal studies shown that two types of blood pressure medications could increase the levels of a protein called ACE2. This protein happens to be what the virus grabs onto as it invades cells. The theory was that having more of these cells could make you sicker. The study didn’t show if the drugs raise ACE2 in humans.

A different animal study showed the opposite. The study proposed that blood pressure drugs stop inflammation in the lungs; therefore, lower the risk of severity of Covid-19.

The New England Journal of Medicine cleared up theories by focusing on humans. The study was based on looking at patients’ records, which, while is helpful, isn’t as strong as doing a controlled clinical trial. Luckily, the University of California San Diego School of Medicine will be doing a controlled trial soon.

So, continue to take your blood pressure medications as usual and only stop if your doctor says so. Hopefully, more information will be coming out soon.

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