As Covid cases rise, we are all desperate to find a cure for it. There have been a few highlighted ideas, but the information has been confusing. A new avenue that’s being explored is plasma from those who have had Covid-19 and were cured. This is thought to be the best way to fight Covid-19.

Plasma Could Be the Best Way to Fight Covid-19

Plasma Could Be the Best Way to Fight Covid-19


Maybe the most well-known treatment possibility is the drug hydroxychloroquine. As far as when this article is written, it seems there is little benefit and too great a risk of toxicity. Another drug, remdesivir, has had high hopes but nothing to sustain it.

The latest treatment avenue is plasma from people who had Covid-19 and beat it. The reasoning is that within their plasma, there are protective antibodies that can help sick people. Best of all, it relies more on volunteers than the production of drugs, which makes it less expensive.

It’s not time to get too excited, though. Results are promising but lack control tests and numbers to determine that it’s the solution.

What exactly is plasma? It comes from blood, and their half cells, like reds, whites, and platelets, and half fluid. The fluid is what makes plasma, and it has various proteins and other molecules in it. The antibody is what researchers are looking at. You may hear this as immunoglobulin, gamma-globulin, IVIG.

To get the antibodies out of a donor’s blood, doctors separate blood into parts. Red blood cells go back to the donor to avoid anemia. Doctors then collect the antibodies and go through the standard process for administering this kind of treatment. It’s then given to the sick patient.

This kind of treatment has been helpful with diseases like hepatitis B or rabies prevention.

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