Older adults who have Covid-19 can have “atypical” symptoms—making it harder to get proper treatment. The usual symptoms are fever, a persistent cough, and shortness of breath. Unusual Covid-19 symptoms that appear among seniors are sleeping more than usual, not eating, or overall seeming “off.” It can get to the point where they stop speaking or even collapse.

Seniors Could Show Unusual Covid-19 Symptoms

Seniors Could Show Unusual Covid-19 Symptoms


The fact that seniors show unusual Covid-19 symptoms is dangerous because they are the most vulnerable to this virus.

The reason older adults have different symptoms could have to do with how older bodies respond to illness. As you get older, your immune response could be weaker and could struggle to regulate temperature. Other chronic illnesses can cover or mess with signs of infection.

For example, an 80-year-old man who had heart disease, diabetes, and moderate cognitive impairment, suddenly stopped walking and became incontinent and very sleepy. He didn’t have a fever or cough. He only was sneezing on and off. When taken to a hospital for the third time, it was discovered that he had Covid-19.

Health experts are working all around the world to figure out more atypical symptoms and how best to treat older adults during this time.

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