In the New York Times Well column there has been a string of touching essays about the relationship with the author and their grandparents. Christine Ro wrote about the bonding she had with her grandmother over McDonald meals. This essay shows the power of sharing a meal, no matter what kind or how much it costs.

The Power of Sharing a Meal

The Power of Sharing a Meal


Christine writes about her grandmother, who moved midlife from South Korea to America to be closer to her two daughters. The culture shock was intense for her grandmother but everyday she took Christine to McDonald’s.

It was on the way to school and they would share breakfast together. She would keep track of promotions and stock up on food. She loved the Monopoly game and often took Christine to McDonald’s to play.

Here is a sample of the essay:

“My grandmother loved McDonald’s in a way that only someone who hadn’t grown up with it could. So after she died, as my family was preparing for the Korean grave site ritual of bringing food loved by the deceased, I thought about collecting a burger, fries and America’s best coffee. I was overruled, so we ended up leaving Korean takeaway noodles — jjamppong — on her grave instead. The broth leaked out of the package, leaving a fishy smell and a mess on our hands.”

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