Health and Human Services License

Health and Human Services License


We are licensed as a Home Health Care provider.  Our license is exactly the same as a Visiting Nurse Association (VNA).  As you may have gathered from our website, we are very different than a VNA in what senior services we provide and how we provide them, but our license is the same.  We have a stellar reputation with the state licensing division.  We are filling a need in providing senior services in NH unlike anybody else, and our ethics are second to none.

If you have any questions concerning Seniors Helping Seniors licensing or legitimacy please contact the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services directly. We want you to feel comfortable in trusting us in your home.  Please note that the State of NH tightly regulates the home care industry. Always check to make certain anyone entering your home for home care has a Health and Human Services License.

To Contact the NH Department of Health and Human Services, click this link.

New Hampshire is one of the most tightly regulated states in the country regarding senior care.  It is illegal to practice any form of home care, without either a personal license (such as an LNA) or be a direct employee (not an independent contractor) for a licensed agency (to further understand the law regarding hiring independent caregivers, click here).  At Seniors Helping Seniors, we believe the state is right in insisting on strict licensing codes and the strict training levels of caregivers and agencies.  It means that seniors are afforded the comfort and confidence that the agency will uphold the seniors right to good quality care.  At Seniors Helping Seniors we strive to uphold the standards and exceed them.

DHHS License Home Health Care