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Compare Senior Care Agency vs Private CaregiverPrivate Home Care Provider

You have choices for your mom and dad’s care.  But, we know from personal experience how overwhelming it can feel to make these choices.  Our aim is to demystify–to bring clarity–so that you can make the most prudent decision for your family.  It would be best to have us come out and spend a little time with you and your family to talk through these options.  The visit is free; you can call us 24/7 at 603-801-1936 to learn more and schedule a visit.  In the meantime, perhaps the comparisons below will help you  think through the various questions that are important in making your decisions.



   Private Home Care Provider
Cost/Hr $26 $12-20
Will I have the same caregiver every week? Yes Yes
Do I have 24 hour access to Clinical Services Director? Yes No
As a family member do I have instantaneous access to visit records? (click to see)
Yes No
Will I have access to proven, unbiased assistance in all my senior care decisions? Yes No
Will I receive a free safety assessment by a Licensed Physical Therapist? Yes No
Will I have Handymen who will take care of my home maintenance and repairs? Yes No
Will I have access to a proven network of senior specific advisers (financial planners, attorneys, trust planners, etc)? Yes No
Will I have coverage when caregiver is sick? Yes No
Will I have coverage when caregiver needs a vacation? Yes No
Will I have coverage when caregiver decides to move away or gets another job? Yes No
Am I free from IRS tax filings for caregiver? Yes No
Am I free from providing Workers Compensation coverage for caregiver? Yes No
Am I free from NH State laws regarding licensing of my caregiver? Yes No
Will the caregiver be bonded and insured? Yes No/Unlikely
Even if the caregiver is insured and something goes wrong, will insurance claims hold up if my caregiver is unlicensed? Yes No

If  you are seriously considering hiring an independent caregiver from or a neighbor/friend, I would strongly recommend you read this article.  It has some really helpful tips that we used in making our decision.

Agency vs. Private Caregiver

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  1. Bob Burns

    Considering all the many types of services offered, is there a fee schedule available for each service?

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