Proudly Non-Profit

Most of our business is registered as a for-profit, private pay business.  But we act like a non-profit by pouring substantial profits back into our community.  And many friends and concerned citizens help us by donating into our Tax Deductible 501(c)(3). 

Why Join Us with your hard earned dollars?

Imagine the thousands of seniors that fall through the cracks.  They can’t pay for private care.  But they aren’t poor enough to qualify for Medicaid.  Seniors Helping Seniors & 360 Nursing can help them on both ends, private pay and Medicaid.  But a lot of seniors fall in the middle!

That’s why we started a non-profit to support the seniors who have fallen through the cracks.  We give them services on a sliding scale.

We can do more good.  We can provide more rides.  We can be an even greater blessing.  We can touch the lives of more seniors.

But the non-profit got even better in 2019.  We realized we needed to attack an even bigger problem.  Our New Hampshire seniors are facing a crisis.  Did you know that NH ranks among the highest in seniors per capita in the nation?  Did you also know we rank in the lowest Medicaid reimbursement rate in the country?  Did you know that thousands of seniors are home-bound with no transportation to medical appointments, the pharmacy and the grocery store?

We realized we could solve this senior transportation crisis.  We have a 3,800 sq.ft. office with a talented office staff who are a loving, unequaled force in getting caregivers to appointments.  With hundreds of caregivers and more signing up every day, we have an infrastructure to support our state.  All we needed to do was tap into the loving hearts of our caregivers to volunteer rides, raise tax free donations to pay for part of the infrastructure burden, and donate the remainder needed from the profits of Seniors Helping Seniors.  RidesOnly was born!

RidesOnly is a creative combination of private infrastructure, volunteerism and tax free donations coming together to solve a huge problem in our state.

You can help us do more good.  We have the heart, the infrastructure and the 501(c)(3) status to give your donations a tax break.  We just need your donations.

Your $16 donation provided a ride to my dialysis appointment.

Make your checks payable to:

SHS NH 501c3, Inc., 360 RT 101, STE 3B, Bedford, NH 03110.




Thank YOU!!!!!