Compare Senior Care Options

Compare Senior Care Options

You have choices for your mom and dad’s care.  But, we know from personal experience how overwhelming it can feel to make these choices.  Our aim is to demystify–to bring clarity–so that you can make the most prudent decision for your family.  It would be best to have us come out and spend a little time with you and your family to talk through these options.  The visit is free; you can call us 24/7 at 603-801-1936 to learn more and schedule a visit.  In the meantime, perhaps the comparisons below will help you  think through the various questions that are important in making your senior care decisions.


 Compare Senior Care Agencies  Compare Senior Care Agency vs Private Caregiver  Compare Assisted Living Home vs Nursing Home


93% of seniors desire to stay at home.  Their memories, comfort and independence are in their home.  And yet, as you have watched your parent decline, you are concerned that staying at home may not be the best choice.  In fact, it may seem like the only choice is to leave. 

Before you move too far down any path, consider the options above and carefully read the pros and cons.  It may surprise you to find out that, in fact, assisted living is rarely permanent–it is just a stopping point on the way to the nursing home.  It may also surprise you to find out that nearly all seniors make significant declines after a move.  It might not surprise you that you are in good company if you waited far too long to ask for in home help.  Waiting until you are tired has caused you to be feeling anxious and perhaps “desperate.” 

You aren’t alone.  Most family caregivers are in the same situation.  If you are reading this, you know it is time for some help.  Explain to your parents that hiring help is not a sign of weakness or “giving up”, but instead a sign of good common sense and realizing limitations. Most elderly parents need some type of home care assistant to help with personal care and activities of daily living. This might include assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, feeding, medication assistance, walking and exercising, shopping and running errands, housekeeping, and laundry. Perhaps your parents can’t be left alone and need supervision, or perhaps you are the primary caregiver and need time to yourself. All of these are reasons to hire in home care.

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