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Angies List Senior Care.

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Interviewed 3 companies because my mom, who lives 200 miles away, started exhibiting signs of dementia and needed daily help. Srs was just so much better at what they do. We actually tried 2 of the 3 companies but the difference is that thru the owners expertise in the aging health care field, they screen and attract a more committed caregiver.  3 yrs later we still sing their praises and continue to use them as a team to help my mom. We did make recommendations on a few personnel to streamline what my mom needed. And that worked out well for all parties. Bottom line: their service, responsiveness and genuine caring is a huge gift to a difficult profession.
Seniors Helping Seniors needs meets our every expectation for companionship and transportation for our elderly mother. The people who make up the organization are outstanding, caring business people and care providers. We have worked with them for some time and can’t say enough good things about their ability to care for and work with seniors, their organization, and their flexibility when needs change. We highly recommend seniors Helping Seniors to anyone who knows how important a personal relationship and professional service is you seniors requiring assistance or care.  The caregiver is personable, understanding of the needs and emotional feelings of seniors, and promote. We can’t imagine any better care.
We moved my mother in law up from Delaware.  She needed in home personal care.  They have been great as companions to my mother in law.  They also do all of her laundry, shower her and prepare meals.  It has been wonderful to know she is in such good hands when we are at work.  My mother in law has two aids that come each week.  They both adore her and she has a lot of laughs with them.  During the spring, summer and fall months they take her out for rides, lunch and other places.  This provides them all some fresh air, socialization and sightseeing.  In the winter, they engage her in baking and bird watching.  They have been great.  They have become an extension of our family.