New Hampshire isn’t new to extreme weather, but there’s been a lot of  natural disasters happening around the country as of late. While watching the news and feeling bad for the locals, people may forget about the seniors that live there. Seniors are especially vulnerable to disasters and evacuating seniors during emergencies takes a lot of practice and planning.

Evacuating Seniors During Emergencies Takes Practice

Evacuating Seniors During Emergencies Takes Practice


Charleston’s Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community in South Carolina has worked to make evacuations feel normal for the residents. They plan 24/7 for emergencies. They need to be ready to move once hurricane season kicks in.

When Hurricane Florence came, it was go time for all the communities of Charleston. For Bishop Gadsden, they were ready. Ambulances arrived at 2 A.M. to take 14 seniors too frail to make the journey sitting. The remaining residents boarded buses for a mountaintop inn. A U-Haul followed behind with walkers and a different bus had all their pets.

Why Evacuating is Such High Stakes


Moving a bunch of seniors is full of high stakes. Any small setback, like not enough oxygen tanks or lost medication, can have dire consequences. Even when it’s done perfectly, problems can arise.

This is because residents are used to a routine and can get really shaken up by any change. They can get anxious and may need more oxygen tanks than usual. There can be upset stomachs too.

Just because one evacuation goes well, that doesn’t mean community leaders can rest. Instead, they immediately get to work on how to make the journey easier next time.

Are You Evacuation Ready?


As mentioned before, extreme weather happens often in New Hampshire, are you prepared? If your senior is in a community, do you know if they have evacuation plans? Do they have plans in case they get snowed in?

If your senior lives at home, have you created a plan for them? Do you have extra supplies in case of a snow in? Do you have an emergency plan in case they lose power and heat? Seniors are especially sensitive to cold.

Before the winter season really kicks in, make sure to have a game plan ready for your senior. These communities have spent years perfecting this craft.

You may only have a few weeks.

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