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Ok, so I looked everywhere for a perfect Thanksgiving Day picture from my past. I had a picture in my head; I know I’ve seen it. My grandmother and grandfather Chase, my mom and dad, and all of the aunts and uncles standing behind their chairs at the Chase family home in Watertown, the picture is being taken before anyone can sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner and just after Grandpa has led grace. Our family grace went like this:

Be present at our table Lord,

Be here as everywhere adored,

These mercies blessed and grant that we may live in fellowship with Thee.

Looking these words up I find this:

Be present at our table, Lord;

Be here and everywhere adored;

Thy creatures bless, and grant that we

May feast in paradise with Thee.

We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food,

For life and health and every good;

By Thine own hand may we be fed;

Give us each day our daily bread.

We thank Thee, Lord, for this our good,

But more because of Jesus’ blood;

Let manna to our souls be giv’n,

The Bread of Life sent down from Heav’n.

These words were written in 1741 to music written in 1551.

My grandparents were faithful believers and this is a part of my history that has great meaning. I cannot say these words without being back at a family table, either in Watertown Massachusetts or in White Plains, NY.

This Thanksgiving is different than many for us. Randy and I will be with my mom and dad at the nursing home where mom is staying for her rehabilitation. She is allowed 2 guests but they have graciously given us an exception. I made my soup that has become a traditional first course for those who usually share Thanksgiving with us at our home. I will add it to the dinner being served.

Prior to the illness that put mom in the hospital for 2 weeks and now has her in rehab, mom was very focused on Thanksgiving. For weeks she would ask what she should bring on Thursday. She woke one morning and asked if we could smell the turkey cooking yet. It was mid-October.

I can’t find the picture that I am remembering but I have this one. Dad hugging mom. This looks like he is truly thankful for her and his life with her.

And that is what Thanksgiving is about. Not the table but the blessings we have been given. We have abundant blessings. “In all things give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!


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  1. Kathy

    Love that picture of my parents!! They were in love then and in love now!! Was so great full to spend thanksgiving with them.

  2. Cindy

    That is so beautiful. I too love that picture. and am so greatful I can picture that exact picture you are talking about in my head. because I thankfully was there. thank you Mom and Dad! and Happy Thanksgiving!(alittle late but, I just saw this post, and wanted to coment)

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