A multi-center clinical trial is happening in Boston. The Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders (LIFE) study found that a regular program of structured physical activity can reduce mobility loss in seniors. Could this mean a program can be created to improve seniors mobility?

Program in Boston Helps Improve Senior Mobility

Program in Boston Helps Improve Seniors Mobility


The study was conducted at the Somerville Council on Aging in Somerville, Mass. They watched 40 adults aged between 65 and 89 who have mobility issues.

The team tried to translate the physical activity benefits of the LIFE trial to a community senior center setting.

The study showed that physical activity intervention from a controlled clinical environment into a community-based setting for older adults was safe and doable.

The Physical Activity Class Results


Half of the participants were randomly assigned to a program of walking, strength, flexibility, and balance training. The other half was in a health education class as a control.

Adherence rates, mobility levels, cognitive function, quality of life, depressive symptoms, and risk of falling were compared between the 2 groups after 6 months.

People who went to these classes at least 25% of the time showed improvement over 6 months. Researchers also noticed that the activity program was connected to increases in executive cognitive function, quality of life, and a reduction of falls.

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