Ride To Doctor

Ride To Doctor (and so much more!)


Your doctor is an essential member of your health team and missing appointments can lead not only to stress but also declining health. If you have had to cancel an appointment with a doctor, or if you have had to leave work to take a parent to a doctor’s appointment, Seniors Helping Seniors of NRide To DoctorH can help. We will get you to your appointment on time, wait for you during your appointment, and escort you home. If you need to stop at the pharmacy after your doctor’s appointment our senior care providers will take you there as well. When family is unavailable and if requested, our senior care providers will also attend the appointment so that information can be relayed or questions answered.  This is not just a ride to the doctor’s office, it is a full service to support you in your medical appointment as well.

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In the old days (and at Seniors Helping Seniors we know the old days), the doctor either came to us, or the ride to the doctor might be on the bed of the hay wagon.  If you insist, maybe we could arrange that.

Ride to Doctor