Judy’s video tip 12: Reduce fall risk! Start now! shows how Tai Chi can reduce fall risk. Tai Chi for arthritis rehabilitation does exist and the CDC endorses it for reducing your fall risk. People with arthritis are seven times more likely to fall than someone who doesn’t have it. Arthritis is the number one chronic disease in America for people thirteen and older. Can you believe it? Only thirteen!

Reduce fall risk! Start now!

Posted by Seniors Helping Seniors Southern NH & ME on Sunday, March 26, 2017


Judy’s Video Tip 12: Reduce Fall Risk! Start Now!


Tai Chi is an internal martial arts originating from¬†Qigong, China in the 1670s with the Chen style. There is also the Young Style that began in the 1800s and the Sun Style beginning in the 1900s. The Arthritis rehabilitation mixes all three styles. It’s all about hard and soft, high and low. It can also be adapted to be standing with a walker or a parallel bar, and even sitting. It’s all about slow movements.

And for Reagan, Judy showed off a small rocker that she used as a child. She looks forward to Reagan using it.

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