Ready Team Application

Why Join The Ready Team?

Are you a caregiver trying to make ends meet?
Are you willing to trade some flexibility in your schedule for the best paycheck in the industry?

If you are the right caregiver to join our elite Ready Team, we will pay you a huge bonus per hour! Your pay (as you saw in the ad you responded to) could be as much as $5.00/hour higher for EVERY hour you work for us. Your Ready Team wages will be substantially higher than any other caregiver in New Hampshire, at any agency, facility or community.

Are You Ready?

Choose three (3) Ready Days of the week to be available EXCLUSIVELY, and possibly with little notice, to take shifts with Seniors Helping Seniors and/or LNA Plus.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ready Day is 7am-9pm.
  • At least one of your three Ready Days must be a Saturday or a Sunday.
  • You truly must be Ready–nothing else should be scheduled on those days, including your own doctors appointments, family outings, etc, because you might have to cancel them at the last minute.
  • When we call or text, you must respond with a ‘Yes’ if it is on your Ready Day. [Two “No’s” or cancellations per quarter, or one no-show no-call will bump you off the team. If you need to come off the Ready Team, we will return your pay back down to a normal caregiver wage (varies depending on experience, etc.). However, you are encouraged to re-apply in the future when you become Ready again.]
  • You must be Ready to provide personal care with male or female clients.
  • You must be Ready to be at a shift as early as 7am, and leave a shift as late as 9pm.
  • You must be Ready to “take the bad with the good.” Some shifts will be long shifts, near your house. Some will be short shifts a long way from your house. The good news is that you will be making top wages regardless.
  • You must be Ready to work with any client/family/home condition and temperament (Within reason, of course. SHS has standards beyond which a client would be terminated–sometimes conditions/temperaments decline and need to be reassessed or terminated.  But if the situation is within SHS standards, a Ready Team member must have a flexible temperament to work within those conditions).
  • You may take shifts on other days, too. You are not limited to just working on the Ready Days.
  • Overtime is unlimited!  At your Ready Team wage, overtime will be highly lucrative!


This application is to apply for a specific team, the Ready Team, within SHS and LNA Plus.  If you are not already a regular caregiver with SHS or LNA Plus, you will be required to complete a regular application (and the processes that go with the application).  No worries, though, if we receive only this application, we will be in touch and shepherd you through the full application process.  This application is not a promise of employment. Nor should you see the requirements of the Ready Team as a discouragement from applying as a regular caregiver with Seniors Helping Seniors and LNA Plus. The Ready Team is an elite team. If the Ready Team is not for you, please apply with us to be a regular member of our caregiving team.

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