10 Ways to Make Exercise a Part of Your Everyday Life

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It’s hard to get the motivation to exercise. There seems to be so many reasons not to. You’re tired, your body hurts, you have no time, or maybe you just plain don’t want to. We understand, so here are ten ways to make exercise a part of your everyday life.

10 Ways to Make Exercise a Part of Your Everyday Life

10 Ways to Make Exercise a Part of Your Everyday Life


1. Choose the Right Activity for You

Like everything else in life, you need to find a way to exercise that works for you. This means it doesn’t have to be heavy weight lifting or long-distance running. Try different workouts and see what works best with your body.

2. Pick a Time That Works for You.

If you’re a morning person, it doesn’t make sense to try to drag yourself to the gym at night, right?

3. Goals

Make goals for yourself of all different sizes. This can help motivate you because you want to hit them.

4. Pick the Right Speed of Workout.

Similar to finding the right exercise activity, you need to find a pace that you feel comfortable with. Don’t do slow walking if you find that boring, for example.

5. The Right Shoes

Comfort will make or break a session of exercise. Making sure you have proper shoes will ensure that your feet won’t hurt, allowing you to go full speed.

6. Make It Fun

The more you enjoy something, the more you want to do it, right? The same applies to exercise. Something that might make it more enjoyable for you is having a friend come too.

7. Make It Easy

Doing small things to make exercising easier can significantly impact how often you do it. Try leaving comfy shoes and clothes in your car. Also, exercise does not equate to going to the gym. Walking counts, just move around.

8. Routine is Key

Once we get into a routine, it’s easier to stick with. A new habit takes at least three weeks to establish.

9. Keep a Record

Research shows that keeping track of yourself is key to a healthy weight. You can use a pedometer or the time of the activity to keep you on track.

10. Reward Yourself

Nothing helps to keep you going like a reward. Use them to celebrate every milestone you hit.