This week on Girard at Large, Judy and Rich discuss medication management and medical reimbursement. Whether you are on one medication or twenty-six, you need to take control.

Medication Management and Medical Reimbursement

Medication Management and Medical Reimbursement


Some doctors won’t touch any medications prescribed by another doctor. So you have to make your doctors communicate with one another so that you can wean down on unneeded medication.

You also need to become an advocate after a hospital stay. Thirty percent of people will not pick up their medication after a hospital stay. Forty percent of people will have a medication error within the first few days at home.

You can contact doctors about medications, or even call the doctor together and go to the appointment together. Remember, anybody can make a mistake so extra ears and eyes are always helpful.

If for any reason you are not able to be there for your beloved senior, give us a call! We help with medication management and, if allowed, could go to their appointments with them. We can be those extra eyes and ears.

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