radio-program-remembering-davidDavid Dionne

Judy Loubier of Seniors Helping Seniors New Hampshire started Caring for Seniors by talking to the listeners about interactions between herself and Rich apart from the microphone.  She then told a heartfelt story about a member of her organization, David Dionne.  You don’t want to miss this one.  Get a tissue.







To read Judy’s blog dedicated to David Dionne, click here.

One comment on “Remembering David Dionne

  1. Dan Brady

    My wife and I have been searching for David for a a number of months. We met at a local college that we both taught and instantly became the best of friends. David was one of the most caring decent individuals that I have ever known. He had concern for all issues pertaining to human dignity and social justice especially for the poor and homeless. David had a very interesting array of life experiences and was very bright yet never tried to impress others with it.

    Our hearts are broken with the loss of such a dear friend. We are tormented by the fact that he might have suffered in such deep pain without us knowing about it. We are grateful that he found such wonderful friends to be surrounded by at the end, Sue and I want to thank you all for being there for him. You and your organization is truly made up of Angles.

    God Bless You David. We miss you greatly.

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