Staying Flexible and Mobile As A Senior Citizen


Judy Loubier of Seniors Helping Seniors NH talked about the health of the elderly for Caring for Seniors. She talked about signs of declining health, as well as staying flexible and mobile as a senior citizen with host Rich Girard.

Exercising for Seniors

Senior Health and Fitness

Caring for Seniors

When:  Wednesday mornings at 7:40 Anchor:  Judy Loubier Sponsor:  Seniors Helping Seniors Southern NH & ME.  Browse the Caring for Seniors show archives. Caring for Seniors covers senior care topics such as Alzheimer’s care, respite care, how to choose senior services, tips on fall prevention, Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, ins and outs of advance directives, senior fitness tips, stroke prevention, dementia care and recognizing signs of stroke.