For these best senior athletes, age is just a number. Their achievements range in golf, basketball, and running. They all started exercising for one reason or another, but either way, they are happy and healthy even when they’re in triple digits. Here are some of the best senior athletes around the world.

10 Best Senior Athletes Around the World

10 Best Senior Athletes All Around the World


1. Gary Player

This golfer is one of the best in history. He started in 1953 and has nine majors to his name. These include three Masters and three British Opens. He was even inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974.

2. Nancy Lieberman

Nicknamed “Lady Magic,” this basketball star was the oldest player in Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), playing at age 50 in 2008. Now, she is the coach of the Sacramento Kings. She has a list of awards like inductions into the Nassau County Sports Hall of Fame, Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

3. Stanislaw Kowalski

Kowalski competed in the Polish Veterans Championships in 2015 at over a hundred years old. He competed in the 100m race, finishing in only 34.50 seconds.

4. Sue Martin

Martin rode her mare, Blue Haze, to the finish line at Tampa Bay Downs in Florida in January 2017. She was 62 at the time. She has seven kids, eighteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. She has scored thirty wins from 721 mounts.

5. Saoul Mamby

Mamby has a boxing career that spans forty years. He was actually forced to retire in his fifties by the California State Athletic Commission in 2000. That didn’t stop him from returning to the ring at the age sixty to fight Anthony Osbourne in 2008. He lost the match but became the oldest boxer to appear in an officially sanctioned fight.

6. Edwina Bricklesby

Not starting an exercise regime until her fifties, Bricklesby is now a well-known triathlete. Running helped her cope with her husband’s death, and the more she did it, the more she wanted to join a marathon. She ran her first marathon in 1996 when she was 53, and completed her first London Triathlon when she was 58. She is still going at 76.

7. Eddy Diget

At 74, Diget spends his time as a personal trainer. He’s done cross-country running, ice skating, roller skating, fencing, and cycling. He’s represented England in the Commonwealth Games in 1962 for diving and swimming. He’s been doing weight training for 45 years and was a British bodybuilding champion twice at age 58 and 68 respectively.

8. Gwyn Haslock

Haslock entered her first surfing competition in 1965 and was the only woman. She became a champion in 1969. She doesn’t surf as much as she used at 73, but she does a bit of fencing.

9. Ida Keeling

Keeling was 67 when she started running. She was using it to cope with the loss of her sons. After that, she couldn’t stop. Now at 104, she is still running and is now in races. She goes to the gym, rides her bike, works out, and more. Her doctor says she’s as healthy as a 25-year-old.

10. Fauja Singh

Singh ran a marathon for the first time when he was 89. His last race was in 2013 when he was 101. While a hernia stops him from running, he still walks around five miles each day.