Earwax, also known as, cerumen is a buildup of skin cells, oil, and other particles to protect your body from bacteria. While that sounds helpful, for some people, they may feel like they have too much. For a long time, this was just considered an annoyance, not a health problem. Now, that’s changed. Have you thought about how earwax affects your health?

Do You Ever Think About How Earwax Affects Your Health?

Do You Ever Think About How Earwax Affects Your Health?


In a younger person, earwax will come out of the ear naturally, but for seniors, earwax starts to build up easily.  Excessive buildup can lead to the entire ear canal being blocked. Buildup is common among seniors because personal grooming and self-care fall by the wayside. Plus, even if they are being attended to, their ears may not be even thought of among their other conditions.

Buildup can cause loss of hearing and even discomfort from the pressure of the buildup. If there is buildup in just one ear, it can cause balance issues and vertigo. Balance problems lead to falls, which can lead to serious injuries.

Earwax buildup can even affect your mood and brain function. If you already have dementia, it can lead to more bad behavior and confusion.

How to Treat Buildup


Do not use Q-tips. It can just push everything back in further. Instead, you should run some warm water in your ear while showering and dry it off. Make sure seniors get checked on regularly when seeing a doctor. Those who wear hearing aids should especially be looked in on.

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