The latest of Judy’s Video Tips talks about cold weather tips for seniors. These tips can be very helpful with being in, not only New Hampshire, but all of New England.

Cold Weather Tips For Seniors

Cold Weather Tips For Seniors

Posted by Seniors Helping Seniors Southern NH & ME on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cold Weather Tips for Seniors


This is especially important for the elderly because they are more susceptible to Hypothermia. People over 65 are 50% of the Hypothermia cases seen in emergency rooms. Even medications can increase their chance for Hypothermia, as can Dementia because they can feel they are uncomfortable and not know why.

In case you missed any of it, here are some of the tips.

  • Make sure your beloved senior has plenty of layers on. They should have a warm scarf, fuzzy hat, and gloves to keep their fingers warm.


  • Make sure their boots have the right tread because it is slippery out!


  • When inside, have them change their shoes in case there is ice still on the bottom of the boots. The ice will melt, causing slips inside.


  • And if you can, try to visit your loved one a little more in the winter. It might make the Winter Blahs go away for both of you!

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