With storms that have been bombarding us here in New Hampshire, this week Judy discusses great emergency winter storm safety tips for the young and elderly alike. She also plays fetch with Moses and makes a snow angel for Reagan.

Posted by Seniors Helping Seniors Southern NH & ME on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Emergency Winter Safety Tips


Staying safe during storms is a mix of common sense. Think of all the “what ifs” and making sure you have plenty of supplies.

Here’s a recap of Judy’s tips.

  • Be ready to be out of power, whether from heavy snow or high winds, power can easily go out.
    • Have plenty of flashlights and batteries nearby. Candles are a fire hazard and smoke does accumulate.
    • Make sure that your cell phones are charged in case of emergency. You could even invest in a portable battery charger for it.Have plenty of blankets to keep warm.


  • Have 3-6 days worth of food and water. Make sure you have a hand crank can opener!


  • Make sure to have enough gas in your car.


  • If you do loose power you can contact your local police and fire department to see if they can get the elderly to a hotel and stay nice and warm.


  • Finally, if you do care for a senior and you are able to, try to stay with them through the night that way if they do loose power they are not alone. We at Seniors Helping Seniors NH set up a few twenty-four hour shifts to make sure that both our caregivers and are clients are safe and comfortable.