Judy and Girard discuss about impacting health-spans and fighting functional decline. Top two concerns for people fifty-five and older is their financial health and their physical health. Some people might not realize that both are tied to each other.

Impacting Health-Spans and Fighting Functional Decline


Sixty percent of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Our physical health has a direct impact on our retirement and finical health. Many people sixty-five and up fall below the federal guideline for activity, which is only two and half hours of moderate activity a week! If you or someone else has been inactive you can always break up the activity time.

After age thirty, our strength declines after one and half percent a year. It doesn’t seem like a lot now but by the time you are seventy you have lost sixty percent of your strength. We loose strength faster than we gain it.

But there is hope, a recent study done on a hundred nursing home residents if different ages, and the residents did an eight week resistance training program and saw a strength increase of over a hundred percent in ninety-year-olds!

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