Highest Paying Caregiver Jobs.

Highest Paying Caregiver Jobs.

360 SHS has three programs for earning the highest wages in the caregiving industry.

Sweet Spot Bonus

Want to control all your hours and your schedule?  Every caregiver is automatically enrolled in the Sweet Spot Bonus!  If you work between 25 hours and 40 hours per week you are in the Sweet Spot.  In fact, we make it even easier on you by letting you blend your two weeks in a pay period.  Therefore, if you work between 50 hours and 80 hours in a pay period, you earn an additional $2.50 per hour, for EVERY hour you work!  There is no need to apply for this bonus–every caregiver is awarded this bonus.  Everyone loves the Sweet Spot Bonus!

ACTION: Apply as a regular Caregiver (and tell us you want the Sweet Spot Bonus!).

24 Hour Shifts

We are the “King of the 24hr Shift.”  That’s because we have figured out a way for you to make a terrific paycheck–the best paycheck for the least amount of effort.  The caregiver with the flexibility to be away from home for 3 days a week is making better pay than almost every office job (and isn’t stuck behind a desk).  The caregiver who chooses to be away from home for 4 days a week is making more than a skilled factory worker.  And 5 days a week is insane money!

Like the Sweet Spot bonus, you don’t have to apply separately to take 24 hour shifts.  Once you get on board, just start saying “Yes” to the 24hr shift offers (and you will get a lot–we are busy–we need you!).

ACTION: Apply as a regular Caregiver (and tell us you want 24’s!).

Ready Team

Let’s say you like the Sweet Spot bonus, but the 24 hour shifts won’t work for your lifestyle.  Yet, you still want to earn a huge paycheck.  We have another option for you.  If you can dedicate three days/week (includes one weekend day) from 7am-9pm, you should apply to be on our Ready Team.  You could get paid a whopping $15/hr for every hour worked (already this is probably more than you are making with any other company).  Add the Sweet Spot, and you are at $17.50/hr!  That’s way more than you are making with any other company.

The Ready Team is an elite team, though.  There is an additional application that must be filled out.  We don’t take everyone onto the Ready Team.  We are looking for just the right profile.  If you are accepted though, you will have four days/wk to go to the beach or take additional shifts with us or another agency (though you would probably be wise to take more shifts with us because you will quickly get into overtime wages which at your Ready Team pay will be serious money).