Handyman House Maintanence and Small Repairs


Handyman at work


Our home is the place in which we want to feel safe and secure, but as we age so does our home. Often small things around the home go into disrepair and create inconvenience or worse, a safety hazard. Even a light bulb that has gone out can create a fall risk. And because we are older we often can no longer maintain our home the way we used to. Seniors Helping Seniors of NH employs seniors with years of experience in home repairs and construction who also have concern and compassion for the elderly. Our providers are able to assess the problem and shop for the supplies you will need for the repair and return your home to the safe haven you know it to be.

We employ a number of old Yankees who know how to fix just about anything.  Gutters, storm doors and windows, air conditioners, furnaces.  You name it.  Most electrical and plumbing we would need to refer you to a licensed professional, but even then we have a couple licensed guys that will do small jobs at reasonable rates.  Give us a call.  These guys love to help, they have work ethic that you won’t find in the young–and they do everything with a smile!

$27-36/hr, 3 hour minimum per visit.  Must be an ongoing Seniors Helping Seniors client receiving regular home care services.

If you have questions about our Handyman services, please call us at (603) 801-1936.


If you need home repair assistance and you cannot afford it, you should read this resource.  The USDA Rural Assistance provides some loans and grants under certain conditions.  Click here.