360 SHS was featured in the latest Bedford Bulletin! The article titled “Local Senior Care Owners Launch New Services to Benefit Aging Population” shares information about opening new offices.360 SHS Featured in the Bedford Bulletin!

360 SHS Featured in the Bedford Bulletin


Here is the article in full:

New Boston resident Judy Loubier was managing an outpatient physical therapy department when her mother had a stroke in Florida. Because her father was struggling with caring for her on his own, Loubier was flying back and forth from New Hampshire to Florida on a regular basis.

On one of these visits to Florida, Loubier’s mother had another medical emergency, and she had to choose whether to fly back to be with her son or stay home with her mother. Knowing that many other people are in this same position, Loubier was looking for a way to assist families and ensure that aging folks maintained a high quality of life.

When she boarded her plane home from that trip, she found an ad for Seniors Helping Seniors in the in-flight magazine. This serendipitous moment led to Loubier and her husband, Randy, opening a Seniors Helping Seniors location at 360 Route 101, Suite 3B, in Bedford, in May 2012.

After seven years of helping Bedford area families, the Loubiers saw a need for increased services to ensure all clients receive appropriate care for their specific needs.

On Aug. 1, with the addition of complex medical home care, medication administration, prescription management, pill minders, skilled nursing, hospital and rehabilitation discharge, the Loubiers officially rebranded as 360 SHS, now offering a full circle of care.

“We know from firsthand experience how difficult it can be to care for an aging loved one- and that no two people are the same,” said Loubier. We’ve expanded our service offerings to offer a holistic, all-encompassing experience, and to ensure that every client receives the appropriate services for their unique situation.”

The rollout of these new services comes at the same time that the Seniors Helping Seniors brand is announcing their 360 standards to re-emphasize its commitment to providing loving, compassionate care to seniors who want to age in place.

In addition to serving the aging community through 360 SHS, Loubier is a certified dementia practitioner, certified senior advisor, Alzheimer’s Association speaker, and volunteer, and author of a book called “Why We Care.”

She is a frequent keynote speaker in New Hampshire on senior care issues and will be speaking at Parkinson’s Education Day in Lebanon on May 2.