We talked about scams before, but that was when they were spread all over the country, now scammers are coming after seniors in NH. Seniors are the perfect target for scammers, especially if they have any cognitive decline. It’s easy for scammers to confuse seniors and play on their fears.

Scammers are Coming After Seniors in NH

Scammers are Coming After Seniors in NH


The “grandparent scam,” which we’ve talked about before in our article about different types of scams, have been making the rounds in NH. As a refresher, the grandparent scam is when someone tries to trick a senior into believing someone they loved is in jail or kidnapped and needs money. The money can come as a wire transfer or even gift cards.

To make it seem real, con artists use technology that is recordings of their grandchild’s voice.

In a different version of the scam, the scammers themselves pretend to be a senior’s loved ones. They will claim that their voice changed because they broke their nose.

In New Hampshire, the top scams are unsolicited phone calls and debt collection scams.

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