Braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Many older adults are getting braces nowadays. It makes sense because as we get older, our teeth start to weaken, requiring more work to be done.

Why Older Adults are Getting Braces More Than Ever

Why Older Adults are Getting Braces


It’s not just practical work that gets done. There is a good amount of cosmetic work being done. Out of 15,000 people, twenty-five percent say they avoid smiling because of how their teeth look. People have also reported that they feel like how their teeth look has affected how they interview for a job.

Technology has played a massive role in why older adults are getting braces. It’s now easier to install braces and maintain them. Plus, you can skirt around the stigma of having braces by using clear braces.

Obstacles for Adults Getting Braces


Gum disease can be the biggest obstacle to getting braces. Adults sixty-five and older have it seventy percent of the time. A dentist has to treat the gum disease before they start the braces process.

Another problem is bone loss. Teeth move through bone and anchor themselves after the braces are put in. Thinner bones mean the teeth don’t hold as well, and the results may not last as long.

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